CSKA lose about 7 million by the decision of UEFA.

Today, the Commission ditssiplinarnaya UEFA has decided to fine CSKA worth about 7 million, due to an incident that occurred during a game of CSKA and Italian "Roma" in the group stage of the Champions League. Its decision, the Commission argued that during the incident, the red-blue fans allow themselves to insults with racist use of pyrotechnics and violated the rules of conduct during the match at the stadium.

"I think that because of this history CSKA lose $ 6-7 million. Certainly, it is a tangible loss for our budget. How to change my attitude towards the fans? Has not changed. We suffered not because of the fans, and for a bunch of marginals. These fans who love football and support the team, there will always be the best for us, "- said the president of CSKA Evgeny Giner.