Kros: An injuring his achilles tendon, but will be ready for World Cup

Six-time Olympic champion Viktor An was injured during the World Cup in Dresden (Germany), but for the world championship, he will recover completely, said the agency "F-Sport" head coach of the national team Sebastien Kros. World Championship held in Moscow on 13-15 March. An injured ankle on stage in Dresden, but at a later stage in Erzurum, which ended on Sunday, took part and won the silver and bronze respectively at distances of 1000 and 1500 meters.

"While Victor is not ready for 100% of his condition, of course, not at the maximum, because the previous World Cup in Dresden, he received a minor injury, but I think he will be back for the World Cup," - said Kros. "In Moscow, he immediately begins to recover in a special program to get to the championship at a high level," - said the coach.