Denis Salagaev: "Wild and Zavarzina look good"

Head coach of the Russian national team Denis Salagaev, summing up the trainings in Switzerland, said that, on the whole, he was satisfied. The specialist also said that the leaders of the team and Vic Wild and Alena Zavarzina are in decent shape.

- In Switzerland, we had the first snow in the collection of the current season - recalled Denis Salagaev. - We stayed there 20 days. More - there would be a hard, both physically and mentally. Overall, I happy with everything. Start gathering turned into a sluggish, athletes skated not very confident, but in the end very well have added.

- At this gathering the team after individual training joined Alain Zavarzina and Vic Wild. How do you like their current level?

- For physical training is difficult to judge - we're trained in a midlands and highlands. But in general, and Vic, and Alena looked good. And on a snowy preparing now everyone is on the same level.

- Trainings in Switzerland missed injured Stanislav Detkov. How his health now?

- It seems that all is well, the leg does not hurt. Stanislav fly with us for the next gathering, is already planning to train in the snow. He has already started quietly watching and general physical training, is drawn into the work.

- What are the future plans of the team?

- 15-31 October, we will hold the second snow camp in Austria. Then they all disperse to their homes, will lead an independent training in the regions. November 18, we will gather in Abzakovo. It will hold a short collection, will participate in the first stage of the Russian Cup. Then, just a week again they diverged in their homes. December 4 flight to Europe, where we will take part in the European Cup. And there is not far off already and the first World Cup.