Anton Miranchuk "Bozovic asked to forget everything that happened."

Midfielder of "Locomotiv" Anton Miranchuk shared his impressions after the first training session, held new coach of "Lokomotiv" Miodrag Bozovic.

"Of course, with the arrival of new coach comes something new. Each time it is necessary to re-prove their worth. We need to show that you have the weight of the team. There is hope that you will be given a chance. I think that for a young player it is always a plus. Everywhere he worked successfully, and I've heard about him only good reviews. Teams Bozovic psychologically liberated - maybe we have with it have something to appear in psychological terms. At the first meeting, he wished everyone good luck and said that we will achieve their goal. He said that we need to forget all that was: a new day - a new food. I think the pause caused by the performance of teams, "Locomotiv" is needed to unload a little and continue to work with renewed vigor. "