Glushakov: Such complex gathering last time was eight years ago

Midfielder "Spartak" Denis Glushakov talked about how you prepare the team for the second part of the season.

"Such heavy charges for the last time eight years ago were. Many treadmill work. Morning exercises, jogging. It is clear that it is not every day, but still ... It was hard to take, even in the "Lokomotiv" in Bilyaletdinov. And in Irkutsk, when a "Star" played. Of course, the fees had not held in Spain. In Khost. There's "Lokomotiv" base. Terms - Spartan. Toilet, shower - common. But nothing - well trained. Players reacted differently to what is now jogging in the morning will be frequent. But everybody understands that there was a big gap and the rest have to gain momentum. While on vacation we were given a program, so we trained "- quoted Glushakov by " Soviet Sport ".