Thomas Fibel - the best "Amkar" player by the fans decision in September.  

The winner of the first month of autumn, according to fans, became a french "Amkar" central defender. Preference was given to him for more than half of the votes, held at the official site of FC "Amkar". Fibel has 51% of the vote, well ahead of Igor Kireev (17%) and Georgi Peeva (14%). Among the best is also called the winner of August, Roman Gerus David Dzakhov Sergei Balanovich Ivan Cherenchikov Jakub Vavrzhinyak Martin Yakubko and, of course, Brian Idowu. Recall that in August of Fibel also initially led the vote, but in the end, yielded the palm of leadership Gerusov. In September of the same, Thomas won by a landslide.