Today, RFU is obliged to pay the debts with Capello

Today is the deadline, which the Federal Service for Labour and Employment of the Russian Football Union has allocated for the repayment of debts on wages. First of all, we are talking about the payment of arrears Russia coach Fabio Capello, who does not receive a salary from the summer of 2014. In November, the State Labour Inspection - Regional office of the Federal Service for Labour and Employment in Moscow was inspected for handling employee RFU delays in the payment of wages number of employees. The audit was identified debts totaling more than 181 million rubles. December 12 Rostrud considered the case of an administrative offense and fined the RFU and the president of the organization Nikolai Tolstoy. At the same time of the RFU received a request for deferment of payment of the salary regulations. It was motivated by the decision of the executive committee of the RFU to establish a crisis committee to stabilize the financial position of the organization, as well as the need to resort to credit institutions to repay the debt. Rostrud went against the RAF and extended the prescriptions of the payment of the salary until 19 January. We add that the amount of debt in November increased significantly. According to "Sport-Express", the debts of the RFU before Capello is 400 million rubles, and taking into account the contributions to the insurance funds - 600 million.