Tatiana Volosozhar: "The chance to perform at the World Cup is, we really want this"

Two-time Olympic champion Tatyana Volosozhar serving paired with Maxim Trankov, spoke about the state of health of the partner, recovering from a shoulder injury.

"Stable condition, Maxim worked with our masseur Alexander Klyuykov. Develop hand to do the procedure. December 14 Maxim flew to Munich. Rehabilitation will be held December 15-24. - There is a chance that the pair Volosozhar - Trankov perform at the World Cup 2015 in Shanghai? - There is a chance, and we really want this! But health is more important, so do not be guessing. Maxim leaves on ice until January 15, so the doctor said. Will not be in a hurry, it is better to follow the doctor's orders "- quoted Volosozhar" "