Anatoliy Tymoshchuk: "Matches PSV and" Dynamo "should not mislead us"

Midfielder "Zenit" commented the results of the draw of the first round of the playoffs the Europa League, noting that the return leg at home the advantage.

- You often possible to guess before the draw opponents. As this time?

- This time even no assumptions did. Looked at the list of commands in the basket, I saw that there are plenty of good and interesting clubs with which we can meet. And about a possible lottery without even thinking.

- What can you say about an opponent of "Zenit" in the Europa League - PSV?

- The Dutch traditionally try to play open football, and PSV is a traditional leader and a favorite of his championship. In the group stage, they met with "Dinamo", but these matches and their results should not mislead us. Now the playoffs, not the group stage and in front of us a good and a good opponent, which we need to demonstrate their power and intention to fight for the trophy.

- The return match with PSV "Zenit" spends at home. This is an additional advantage for your team?

- In my opinion, it is always better to carry out the second leg at home, since it is easier to build a tactical game based on the results of the first meeting