For sportsmen
A professional athlete of the 21st century is an individual brand, a company, an asset. It is a business requiring proper management for an athlete to remain successful after the end of his/her sports career.
Athletes have to deal with many questions today: which company to choose and what kind of contract to sign. How to earn money by participating in advertising campaigns. How to manage their public relations activities. How to manage successfully their financial assets.
Instead of working with different specialists and risking of get involved with non professionals or deceivers, we suggest working with one company that offers great asset management, consulting services, works with dozens of athletes and is answerable for its reputation to every athlete. We will help you earn more and invest the earned money effectively. Our partners are the best specialists and best companies in Russia and abroad and they offer you special terms and conditions.The Agency’s specialists personally coordinate each project.

Services for Sportsman

Tailoring an individual public relations strategy for each athlete.
A sportsman value for potential advertisers depends a lot on his/her publicity, image and attractiveness for consumers. These parameters do not always depend on sports achievements but are a result of the right strategy. For example, Anna Kurnikova and David Beckham without being at first line of sports rating, earn millions of dollars from advertising contracts. We know what is necessary to do and, the most important, what should not do in order to be always in demand at the advertising market – from positioning in social networks up to choosing advertisement partner. We have the answers to all these questions.
Lifestyle recommendations from our partners
We provide the best lawyers and finance specialists and we work hard to offer the best selection of partner companies specializing in travel arrangements, education for children, medical services, selling cars, pieces of arts and much more. The main selection criteria are proved reputation and special offers for our clients.
Recommendations from our financial, legal and investment partners
We work hard to offer the best selection of partner companies in Russia with the best terms for our clients. On top of providing recommendations from our best partners, our specialists represent the client during closing deals and other project arrangements if necessary.